1. This is the brand new video of our first single “Out Of Your Mind”, directed and produced by BLICKER! These guys sucked every last drop of us for a whole day, but the result is this funny fucked up psycho summer-smelling vid just before the Christmas holidays. Enjoy and share!



  4. It was the end of July and we where still in hot Athens. So we decided to meet our good friend Stella Kalisperatou and do something creative without a plan. Bought some extra cold coffee, smoked a couple of cigarettes and we were ready. We started with the drum beat and a guitar rhythm part. Thought we needed some evil lyric lines. Stella said there was one of her favorite songs, she always wanted to sing. It was “I’m the One” originally written by Danzig and it would be a great opportunity for her to try it. So she did. With a couple of takes the vocal part was ready. Some tube overdrive was added to the voice, some spring reverb to the guitars and extra claps to the snare drum and here we are! With a brand new sexy and dark song, some days before the summer vacations. Enjoy it as much as we did!


  5. Our second EP is called “Ξ–ero Rest”. Download it at our bandcamp page!

  6. This is a cover for one of our favorite 60’s songs.

  7. Shot by E. Patsialos at AN Club.